Barryland Theme Park

A new showcase for a Swiss cultural icon

The history of the St. Bernard at the heart of our encounters

Backed by a wealth of expertise gained since its founding, the Barry Foundation has positioned itself as a veritable centre of excellence – not only in regard to breeding St. Bernards, but also in terms of the social interventions that the dogs are involved in. We want to showcase all of this and more as part of a new, expanded, modern Barryland that will be both educational and entertaining. The rather cramped confines of the current museum leave little room to introduce new attractions or welcome the growing number of visitors. This is why we’ve launched our “Barryland Theme Park” project.

Visitors to our 20 000 m2 site will get to learn everything we know about our favourite four-legged friend: from the myths and legends surrounding the breed’s 300-year history to the traits that make the St. Bernard a St. Bernard, this Swiss national treasure will share the many aspects of its character with the world.

Beat Rieder, President of the Board of Patrons & Marie-Noëlle Zen-Ruffinen, Vice-president of the Board of Patrons

A truly unique park

The world’s only theme park dedicated to the St. Bernard dog is a place to get to know this international icon of rescue and ambassador of Swiss historical and cultural heritage. A public window into the world of breeding the dog from the Hospice on the Great St. Bernard Pass, the new Barryland Theme Park will provide an immersive visit brimming with emotional, entertaining and educational content. By creating new, expansive parks, the project will both ensure the well-being of our St. Bernards and introduce the public to the breed in a way that respects our dogs’ needs – all while promoting the cultural, natural and gastronomic delights of the Valais and cross-border region through the symbol of this iconic breed.

We are overjoyed to be involved in this fantastic project and, through your invaluable support, to have the opportunity to lead it to the success that it deserves.

At the heart of a cultural and tourist hub

Located in Martigny, a historic crossroad of paths leading to the Simplon, Forclaz and Great St. Bernard passes, the latter of which is the gateway to the Aosta Valley, the new Barryland Theme Park will boost the development of a robust museum-based hub in the heart of the historic home of the St. Bernard. The modern Barryland Theme Park will be designed to satisfy both contemporary and future standards in sustainability, and will attract many visitors to the city and surrounding region – visitors who will spread the word throughout Switzerland and beyond.

Barry is a cultural symbol of the region, the Canton of Valais and Switzerland as a whole. Nestled in the heart of the Valais countryside, both the park and the culinary experience on offer will fully reflect the region’s distinct identity.

« Barry isn’t a hero created by Marvel Studios. He appeals to our collective unconsciousness, to our culture, to our history. To pay due respect to him, however, we didn’t want ostentatious architecture or a grand gesture… Instead, we wanted a discreet architectural design embedded in the strong topography of the area, which is one reason this particular breed has flourished here. By juxtaposing elements that are reminiscent of a familiar landscape, we allow people to connect with the universe of Barry for a time. »

Michael Darbellay, Partner at GAME Architects with Nicolas Meilland

An unforgettable experience

Visitors will discover the St. Bernard through five thematic worlds that epitomise the breed’s characteristic personality : Rescuer – Friend – Star – Playmate – Bon vivant.

These will accompany the visitor throughout their visit and will ensure that they have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Schedule and Timeline

July 2019
Founding and first meeting of the Board of Patrons
November 2019 – September 2020
Architectural design competition – creation of the tender dossier,founding of the organising committee and competition jury, research intoand selection of architecture firms, presentation and selection of projects
June – October 2020
Project feasibility and financing study conducted
February 2020 onwards
Fundraising campaign begins, targeting local authorities,institutions, companies, foundations and benefactors
April 2021
Project is presented to the media
June 2022
Project preliminary draft revised and updated,creation of the consolidated overall quote
July – December 2022
Finalisation of the final project
February 2023
Launch of the survey
June 2023
Building permit
July 2023
Preparatory work and land terrracing
From August 2023
Beginning of the main building construction
Summer 2025

Budget and financing

If you wish to contribute to the financing of this magnificent project dedicated to the legend and legacy of Barry, you have several possibilities:

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Make a donation for the realisation of the theme park

CH40 0076 5001 0413 7530 9

IBAN : CH40 0076 5001 0413 7530 9

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Associate your company’s name with the preservation of a Swiss cultural symbol through a partnership.

If you are interested, please contact:
Alexandra Burgdorf
+41 (0)58 317 77 20

Thank you for your support!