An experience for the whole family

The little ones are our biggest fans

Barryland’s main attraction – and the favourites of visitors of all ages – are, as you would expect, the famous St. Bernards of the Great St. Bernard Pass. The children can watch as the dogs are fed and groomed, as they play, and as they are prepared for a walk – which they get very excited about! Puppies can also be observed several times a year – a visit at these times is particularly attractive.

  • Suitable for children from the age of 2; open all year round and in all weathers
  • Free parking at Barryland
  • Accessible for pushchairs / wheelchairs
  • Average stay 1-2 hours
  • Special menus for children in the restaurant
  • Picnicking near the amphitheatre
  • Barry shop with souvenirs


Using a quiz sheet, available from the reception, children can follow the tracks of the St. Bernard dogs and learn all about them and their history. A souvenir photo with Barry in the giant Photobox before you leave is a must! Barryland has fun and games for little Barry fans in the “Barry Family” area on the second floor.

We also hold regular events for children (prior booking necessary). Take a look in our events diary.


Découvrez nos évènements pour les enfants

Djune’s and Athena’s baby Saint Bernards will be visible in...

From December 31st 2022 to February 3rd 2023

Visitez notre Barryland en famille à Pâques. Nous vous réservons...

10 avril 2023


Spend a special moment with our Saint Bernards by accompanying them on a hike.

In addition to stuffed Barry to take home, you will find, in our souvenir store, films, books…

The team of the restaurant “Café de Barry” is happy to welcome you again.

The Saint Bernards of the Great Saint Bernard can boast a long history, to be discovered at Barryland

Be present when Barry Foundation dogs are fed and brushed