Walks with Barry

A unique experience with the St. Bernards

Dog walking

Meet the descendants of the famous rescue dogs from the Great St. Bernard Hospice and enjoy being outdoors with them. Go for a wonderful walk with our St. Bernards, a Swiss symbol with 300 years of breeding history.

Tickets and reservations

  • Winter walks in Champex-Lac VS
  • Spring walks in Martigny VS
  • Summer hikes on the Great St. Bernard Pass VS


Spend a special moment with our Saint Bernards by accompanying them on a hike.

In addition to stuffed Barry to take home, you will find, in our souvenir store, films, books…

The team of the restaurant “Café de Barry” is happy to welcome you again.

The Saint Bernards of the Great Saint Bernard can boast a long history, to be discovered at Barryland

Be present when Barry Foundation dogs are fed and brushed