Dog area

Admire the famous St. Bernards from the Great St. Bernard Pass

Daily at Barryland

Be there when the dogs of the Barry Foundation are fed and groomed; watch them playing or resting; witness their excitement when it’s time for a walk.

Barrys live

Watch the St. Bernards live via webcams installed at Barryland and the Barry Foundation breeding kennels. Puppies are born several times a year here. We offer unique glimpses into the puppy box as the little bundles of fur grow.

Live stream


The Barry Foundation has litters of puppies four to five times a year: their four-week stay at Barryland is announced on our website and social media. A visit to Barryland at these times is even more entertaining than usual.

Observing these still clumsy, playful, sleepy and hungry bundles of fur, accompanied by their often protective mother, is always a touching experience. Out of consideration for the health and well-being of the young St. Bernards, stroking and touching is not allowed.