Eleven adorable St. Bernard puppies


Haïka and Zeus, both from the Grand St. Bernard kennel, became parents to eleven adorable puppies on Monday March 25 at the Barry Foundation in Martigny (VS). From May 6, the puppies will be visible at Barryland, and for the more curious, it’s already possible to admire them via webcam.

At just three years of age, the beautiful Haïka passed her breeding aptitude test on February 25, 2023, thus becoming a breeding dog. She herself has already been born at the foundation, and is the worthy daughter of V’Barry du Grand St. Bernard, crowned world champion in 2023. With her cheerful, friendly character, Haïka displays excellent personality traits, which she will hopefully have passed on to her babies. Manuel Gaillard, breeding manager at the Barry Foundation, was present at the birth, which didn’t go according to plan, and remembers: “Four puppies were born naturally, then the others had to be delivered by Caesarean section, which in itself is not unusual in a breeding operation. Giving birth is always an important and delicate process.

he puppies’ first days are crucial to their survival and future well-being. The foundation’s entire team of dogkeepers is mobilized for uninterrupted care of the newborns, to take the strain off mom. The four males and seven females will be given pedigrees and names beginning with the letter “T”. By a happy coincidence of timing, exactly seven years ago, also on March 25, Zaskia du Grand St. Bernard also gave birth to a “T” litter at the kennel. The Foundation has been committed to preserving and promoting the breeding of this breed since 2005. The health, character and fitness of the dogs are at the heart of its breeding strategy, and this year it welcomes its second litter.

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