Dog backpack


Dog backpack

Since there are no suitable backpacks for St Bernards on the market, our two volunteers Eva Schwerzmann-Glaus and Peter Glaus have created their own backpack. The self-sewn model was tested and improved on their two St. Bernard dogs Aveline and Jasper again and again during hikes until the backpack could finally be protected and we could have it produced together.

- The hiking backpack is characterised by excellent performance, fit and functionality
- Material: Nylon fabric, waterproof, dries quickly, durable
- ultra-light construction
- Size: One Size
- Colour: red/grey/white
- 2 side pockets to be filled from above (35 cm wide, 30 cm high) with zip, each with 3 inside pockets. The side pockets cannot be removed.
- Closure system: The closure around the neck and the double fastening around the belly ensure a stable fit and optimum weight distribution
- Additional equipment: Auxiliary handle on top, recess on the back for fastening a towing harness and a holder for connecting the line?

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