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Calendar of events

Guided visits


Daily at Barryland

Be there when the St. Bernards of the Barry Foundation are being fed and groomed; watch them play or sleep; watch how excited they are when they are taken for a walk, and get a chance to meet one of our St. Bernards up close and personal for a photo session with selected dogs.


Petting and taking pictures

Our dog carers are available with a St. Bernard at designated times. These dogs are used to being handled by adults and children and enjoy being petted and photographed. To avoid stressing the dogs, visitors are admitted in small groups at a time. Slot bookings are not accepted. We kindly ask for your understanding if the carers decide to cut a photo session short: Our dogs are very patient indeed but there are days when they prefer to relax, as we all do.

Designated times for visitors to pet a St. Bernard and take pictures:10:30

Feeding the dogs

Just like their ancestor, the wolf, St. Bernards are carnivores (meat eaters). That does not mean that the dogs only eat meat: The ancestors of modern dogs ate their prey whole, including bones, tendons and mainly plant-based stomach and intestinal contents. This provided them with the right combination of vitamins and minerals, which are particularly important for large animals such as our St. Bernards to ensure a healthy bone structure. As with humans, dogs’ nutritional requirements vary throughout their life cycle (growing puppy, adult dog and older age). For this reason, our breeders carefully determine the correct food type and quantity and make sure that our St. Bernards do not become overweight. Puppies up to six months are fed three to four times a day, whereas dogs of six months or older twice a day. The dogs are fed in the outdoor enclosure, and watching them is always a rewarding sight. The St. Bernards rest for about two hours after eating, during which time we do not take them for long walks. We kindly ask that visitors respect the dogs’ resting time and not knock on the windows or try to attract their attention in the outdoor enclosure.

Dog feeding time:17:15



Barryland breeds puppies two or three times a year. The puppies stay at Barryland for four weeks, and their arrival is announced on our website and in Facebook. The Barryland is particularly worth a visit at these times.

It is always moving to watch these clumsy, undisciplined, playful, dozy, greedy little fur balls, accompanied by their often very protective mother. For the sake of their health and wellbeing, petting and touching of young St. Bernards are not permitted.

If you have fallen in love with our puppies, you can watch them via live streaming.

Puppies at Barryland:
from 20 December at Barryland

Temporary exhibitions


"Barry on Mission: from mountain rescue to dog-assisted social work"
The Barry Foundation presents its new photographic exhibition entitled "Barry on Mission: from mountain rescue to dog-assisted social work" at Barryland in Martigny in collaboration with the Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers Association (SBF).

The camp on the Great St. Bernard Pass
On the weekend of 29 September to 1 October 2017, the Barry Foundation organised a training and refresher camp on the Great St. Bernard Pass in collaboration with the Swiss Professional Photographers and Photo Designers Association (SBF) focusing on the topic of "Barry on Mission".

Led by professional photographers and accompanied by specialists from the Barry Foundation, the camp offered a group of 16 young people in training in Switzerland (apprentices and students from schools recognised in Switzerland) the opportunity to submit and promote a photographic project and to see it take shape.

The photographic exhibition
The pictures taken at the historical residence of the St. Bernards will be unveiled as part of a photographic exhibition entitled "Barry on Mission" intended to illustrate, through the five senses of hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight, the different roles of the Swiss dog par excellence: mountain rescue dog, guide, companion and assistant in dog-assisted social work.

The exhibition will remain open on the first floor of Barryland until 31 January 2020.

Visit Martigny

Combine your visit to Barryland with other activities in Martigny and elsewhere in the Valais region. Here are just a few places to see and things to do:

Roman amphitheatre
The second-century amphitheatre is just next to Barryland and is used to this day as a venue site.

Pierre Gianadda Foundation
The famous art foundation hosts a constant succession of world-class temporary exhibitions: Nearly 10 million visitors have come here to admire works from private collections and the great museums of the world.

Tissières Foundation, Geosciences Museum
Since 2001, the Foundation has devoted itself to information, popularisation and animation in geosciences. It is also engaged in ecotourism, promoting sustainable natural and cultural tourism.

Western-style town
A 10,000 m2 theme park offers children over 3 years fun, games and adventures with more than 70 attractions.

Marécottes Alpine Zoo
This zoological garden is the highest in Europe, situated at an elevation of 1100 m, surrounded by fir and larch woods. The swimming pool is open from June onwards.